Our Dolibarr Store team has just published a new module to ensure the connection between the trello.com site and the Dolibarr ERP.


As you already know Trello is an online project management tool, launched in September 2011 and inspired by the Kanban method. It is based on an organization of projects in boards listing cards, each representing tasks. The cards are assignable to users and are mobile from one board to another, reflecting their progress.


the module we have just launched is called "Trello to Dolibarr" Module allows you to import your projects and tasks that already exist on your Trello account to the Dolibarr ERP, in order to easily manage them.


We have deployed two important features in the "Trello to Dolibarr" module:


- Import new Trello projects: you allow you to import all new projects detected on trello.com via a secure connection using: Key and Token to your Dolibarr ERP platform.


- Synchronization option: you allow you to update your projects and tasks that already exist on Dolibarr with those updated on Trello.com


at the end of two operations of importing new Dolibarr or Synchronization projects, you will have in your Dolibarr ERP a list of projects with their tasks in order to manage them like a normal Dolibarr project, you will therefore have the possibility of adding the start and end dates for each project if they are not entered and then assigned to Doliabrr users ..etc


Try our module and unify the management of your trello and Dolibarr projects and tasks in a single tool.