On your dedicated computer/server :

Thanks to the compiled packages, you can install Dolibarr on your computer in a few minutes. Download the version you need according to your work environment :

On a mutualized Web Hosting Provider (without terminal/SSH access) :

  • Check that you have an Apache web server, PHP and a database server (MySQL or PostGreSQL) that works correctly.
  • Check that main root or admin user/password couple for the server is known and works correctly. Ask them to your Web Hosting Provider if unknown.
  • Get the application archive of last stable version and uncompress it locally.
  • Upload all content of htdocs directory to your web root directory, for example using FTP in binary mode.
  • Create a directory called "documents" into Dolibarr directory that will serve to save all documents generated and stocked by Dolibarr (PDF invoices, uploaded images, ...). The web server must have write permission into this directory. You can set permissions with your FTP client.
  • Now call your browser to point to the main page index.php
  • Follow instructions of setup steps until end of install process.
  • For security reason, we recommend, once setup is finished, to create a file install.lock into Dolibarr installed directory. This will lock the call of the install process again (you will have to remove it for upgrades). If this is not done, Dolibarr will show you a warning once logged as an administrator user.