Introduction of Pay Slip:

The pay slip is a mandatory document sent by the employer to his employee at the end of each month or according to the pay period. It contains the summary of the various information relating to the employment contract as well as the remuneration of the employee. This payslip must be delivered to the employee under penalty of legal proceedings.

What does the pay slip contain?

The payslip, also called payslip or payslip, draws up the summary and recap of the data that have in relation to the work of the employee. Certain information is thus gathered, such as:

• Employee's name, type of contract, place of work and the employee's function

• Employer information (name, address, registration number, SIRET, etc.)

• The applicable collective agreement

• The APE or NAF Code (Nomenclature of French activities and code made up of three digits and one letter obtained when registering with INSEE; it specifies the applicable collective agreement.)

• Reference to the social security body to which the employee is attached and to which the employer or the company therefore pays the various contributions

• Time worked and overtime

• Settlement elements and amount of total gross salary

• Details of social, tax, employee and employer contributions

• Indemnities

• Total taxable and net salary to be paid as well as the date of payment of this sum

• Details of leave (acquired rights, leaves taken, leave balance)

• Different accumulations (hours worked, gross tax, CSG / CRDS basis etc.)

Taking into account all the information mentioned above, we have developed a module for payroll management and the generation of payslips for ERP and CRM Dolibarr, below are some features that explain how our module works as well as the link direct to the “Pay Slip for Dolibarr” module

Features of Dolibarr Module:

- Enter the gross salary of your employee,

- Introduce the wage and employer charges of your organization with the laws of your country.

- Enter the rates applicable in your country,

- Calculate the net taxable salary and the Net salary to be paid.

- Generate your Pay Slip on Dolibarr in PDF format.

- The first Module developed on Dolibarr which allows you to generate Pay Slips

Dolibarr Module Demo Link: