The Ideal ERP for your Startup:

If you have a start-up or a company ready to expand internationally and you are not yet equipped with an integrated management solution, then you need a structuring ERP or CRM to ensure your growth .

The growth of your business or your start-up can lead to delivery delays that jeopardize the sustainability and reputation of your company. With an adapted management tool, you have clear data on your progress, your projects, stocks, upcoming and deliverable orders and you can quickly adapt production processes and adjust labor to ensure delivery in the temperature.

Dolibarr the tailor-made ERP!

The Dolibarr tool is an open source integrated management software package (ERP, ERP) and customer relationship management (GRC, CRM) that allows you to ensure the growth of your start-up and meet challenges and challenges vis-à-vis your competitors thanks to its powerful functionalities integrated into its management system.

If you have developed specific processes that support your activities, that these are the very basis of your success, then you will look for a service provider capable of analyzing your situation and your environment to translate its specificities into your new information system. based on the Dolibarr ERP?

Our Dolibarr Store experts have been supporting totally innovative players for many years, looking for a partner to support their development for the implementation of ERP and open source CRMs as Dolibarr is in your business processes.


If your job is new, maybe you can't find ERP solutions on the market suited to your needs, or a service provider capable of understanding your challenges? Thanks to the flexibility of our solutions and our services as well as our expert teams, benefit from tailor-made services to deploy, at your own pace, the management tools you need.