For recording, summarising, and analyzing the financial transactions between various commodities, Dolibarr accounting software is highly recommended by professionals.  It organizes quantitative data in business companies and start-ups. Here's how Dolibarr helps in managing accounting records and journal entries.

  1. Dolibarr ERP software has a standard method and extensions that help in organizing and calculating all the financial accounting information such as purchases, sales, manufacturing and production costs, inventory management, salaries of the employees using ledger accounts.
  2.  Ledger accounts help to manage, classify and summarize the financial statements such as assets, liability, expenses, and items. The Dolibarr is an effective business tool with thousand of applications (billing, orders, stock, agenda, emailing, purchase orders,  expense reports).
  3. After completing the ledger, the user can export it or filter the data range and journal into various formats of accounting such as SAGE, CogiLog, EBP, QuadraCompta, Agiris, etc.
  4. The Dolibarr software uses charts and sheets to dispatch the order for new customers and clients. The account number of new customers is added automatically by the software after the customer fills in the required details. 
  5. The software supports double-entry accounting and groups similar types of transactions. It also supports exports in CSV and FEC format.
  6. Dolibarr software helps the users check and control expenses by listing out all the sales, purchases, and financial transactions in the form of a balance sheet. It has a very appreciable notifying feature that alarms the user regarding business transactional events and activities.
  7. The Dolibarr accounting software is created with respect to financial rules and laws which are compatible with the country’s guidelines such as Spanish Tax RE, IRPF, Canadian and French VAT, etc. 
  8.  The software fits the small business cycles involving trading, sales, purchases, expenses, payments and gives a detailed report of all the transactions. One of the reasons for recommending Dolibarr software is due to its accommodation and usage in all types and sizes of businesses and organizations. Managing orders and invoices flexibly are appreciable by the small industries.
  9.  Even with very less technical information and knowledge, the user is able to manage customers, agenda, stock, bank account, and orders efficiently. Very little effort is needed to install and set up the Dolibarr software initially. It helps non-profit organizations to manage their data and improves in categories quantitative data. Dolibarr software helps in managing orders, donations, expenses purchases of the non-profit companies in an effective way.
  10. Dolibarr software gives the on-tap account charts for various countries such as  Africa (Congo, Guinea, Ghana, Morocco, Niger, Tunisia), Europe( Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France) South America (Chile), and many more. 
  11. The software adapts itself to the language and current of the selected country and thus simply the statistical and financial measures. It supports the following languages-  Turkish, Indonesian, Korean, Bulgarian, English, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Czech, Persian, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Slovenian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish.
  12. Various properties such as Bank reconciliation, expense tracking, Purchase order management, Tax management, Billing, and Invoicing are provided at a very affordable price to the business companies.
  13.  Being an open network, Dolibarr software allows thousands of developers, entrepreneurs, and professionals to work on various financial projects and manage every little detail under one standard network with the use of records and journals.
  14. The software includes options such as shipping management, contract management, quotations, e-commerce payments, etc. which are compatible with the needs of the companies.
  15.  While updating and upgrading the Dolibarr extension, the software adapts and maintains the backup copy of all the accounting information in the form of files and folders.