The developer community and the contributors describe Dolibarr as Open Source software to manage your company via the tool: ERP and CRM. In fact Dolibarr is an ERP and CRM Open Source software package based on the Web to manage a professional activity of your company or foundation (SMEs, self-employed) or else an association with members, it has several tools to know: Invoices, products , commercial proposals, quotes, contacts, calendar, orders, emailing and stocks.

Regarding, Odoo is defined as an "Open Source ERP and CRM". It is a business management software including: CRM, billing, e-commerce, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management and inventory management.

Dolibarr and Odoo can be classified as both ERP and CRM tools.

Some of the features offered by Dolibarr are:

CRM / Sales management

Human relations management

CMS and website management

On the other hand, Odoo provides the following key features:

Dolibarr and Odoo are both open source tools. Odoo with 18 K stars on the GitHub tool and 12.6 K forks on GitHub and which seems to be more popular than the Dolibarr tool with 1.9 K stars on GitHub and 1.4 K forks.

The advantages of Dolibarr:

Dolibarr is very stable and easy to use. I can use it from anywhere via any computer device and with all operating systems.

the ease of installation and modularity of Dolibarr means that it is very easy to start working with without any necessary prerequisites nor a required academic level or a minimum level of technicality.

The advantages of Oddo:

Oddo is characterized by the fact that he has successfully integrate and all-in-one and it is an advantage with which you can grow.

Oddo easy very easy to customize and use and you can integrate it with other software. it's a great tool!

The disadvantages of Dolibarr:

you have to update it with a process that is too long, but very secure.

Dolibarr's translation system is not much improved, however, the English version will suffice for other nations and the developers have gone to great lengths to translate it to all the languages ​​of the nation.

Finally, Dolibarr is very rich in Modules with lower prices and cheaper compared to those on the market.

The disadvantages of Oddo:

The downside of odoo is that it can sometimes be a bit buggy and it requires powerful hardware resources for good navigation on the system, even sometimes a quick update solves the problem.

You will need to customize all of the basic functionality in order to start your CRM business.

Another major drawback for Oddo is that most of their tools are paid and expensive, you must set aside a large budget to test all of their features and modules.

The characteristics of the Dolibarr product are:


Human Resource Management

Order management

Project management

Management of purchase orders

Reporting / Analytics

Warehouse management

Website Builder


The characteristics of the Oddo product is:


Distribution management

Enterprise asset management

Financial direction

Human Resource Management

Inventory management

Order management

Project management

Management of purchase orders

Reporting / Analytics

Supply chain management

Warehouse management

Dolibarr and Oddo reviews:

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